Vasectomy Reversal in the Central Coast of California

Patients who have previously received a vasectomy will occasionally change their mind later on for a wide variety of reasons. While a vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control, there is a procedure that can reverse it effects.

Urology Associates of the Central Coast provides in-office reversal of vasectomy in a safe and comfortable setting. This allows for restoration of fertility after a vasectomy, with the best balance of safety, cost and convenience. We have provided this service in our in- office surgical suite for over 25 years with experience and success.

Men seeking a vasectomy reversal in the Central Coast of California can contact Urology Associates of the Central Coast to schedule a consultation. Three of our urologists – Dr. Craig W. Canfield, Dr. Michael Avallone, and Dr. Byron Dubow – have extensive experience performing safe and effective vasectomy reversals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in Santa Maria, Lompoc, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, or Templeton and discuss your vasectomy reversal options.

Please note – because a vasectomy reversal is an elective procedure, it is not covered by insurance. This is a cash pay procedure only.

How it Works

Vasectomy reversal, or vasovasostomy, is a microsurgical procedure done under a surgical microscope with suture almost too small to see with the naked eye (9-0 or 10-0). We perform a modified two layer repair. While this is more time intensive than a vasectomy, it is not much more invasive or uncomfortable for most men. There is a gradual return to a normal sperm count, and for most men this is achieved at 3 months. While there are many factors that influence the success of the procedure, patency and a recovery of fertility is achieved in approximately 80% of men.

Intratesticular Sperm Extraction (ITES)

We also perform intratesticular sperm extraction (ITSE) in the office. This involves harvesting sperm directly from the testicle. While frequently seen as an alternative to reversal of a vasectomy, this technique is generally reserved for men with unexpected absence of sperm in their ejaculate or following an unsuccessful vas reversal. The quantity of sperm recovered is only enough to be used in the setting of in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is a much more invasive and expensive procedure, also involving multiple medications for stimulation of ovulation and harvest of eggs from the female partner.

Schedule a Vasectomy Reversal Consultation

If you would like to schedule an evaluation and meet our team to discuss this further, we encourage you to set up an initial visit.