Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment on the Central Coast of California

Prostate cancer that has spread outside of the prostate is considered metastatic and requires systemic therapy. The hallmark of treating metastatic prostate cancer involves hormonal manipulation with androgen deprivation therapy. This may be accomplished via surgical removal of the testicles (orchiectomy), but more commonly with medical management. There is oral medication or injections that can accomplish this.

Unfortunately, prostate cancer may ultimately not be as responsive to androgen deprivation therapy and may require additional interventions. The treating provider will certainly need to check PSA and imaging periodically reassess the disease. There’s a roll to get some genetic testing as well. If prostate cancer becomes castrate resistant, there are additional therapies that are utilized to treat this.

Treatment Options

Provenge is a therapy in which certain cells from your immune system called T cells are manipulated and then transfused back into the patient, so that the immune system can become a better prostate cancer killer.

Xofigo involves the injection of an agent that is targeted to metastatic prostate cancer in the bones. It utilizes radiotherapy to accomplish this.

PARP inhibitors are some additional medications that are used in select patience based on some genetic considerations to treat this cancers as well.

Leuticium is a very promising agent, for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer as well.